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Organizing Your New Shed: The Ins & Outs

Jan 8, 2019 10:02:06 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Organizing Your Shed with a Metal Peg Board


You went to the shed dealer, talked the talk, shook hands, had your shed delivered and now it’s time to pack all your stuff away. But, stop right there! Before you begin, take a step back to figure out what you need to stow away and when you may need to get it back out again.

First and foremost, create a checklist of your ‘big ticket’ storage items. These are usually the items that made you come to Cook for extra storage space in the first place and often take up the most real estate.

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Seasonal Storage Shed Options

Dec 27, 2018 4:50:41 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Rent to Own, Fall Home/Garden, Winter, Holiday Organization, Spring Organization, Summer Organization


Each season has its own storage challenges. You may have an almost empty garage or shed during the Christmas season, but then after the holidays you’re desperate for more space. Or, during Summer you may purchase some new yard tools (or toys!) and discover your space just isn’t large enough for everything.

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The DIY Prep Guide to Winter Weather

Dec 27, 2018 4:18:48 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Storage Tips, Winter, Holiday Organization


Snowed In Your House


Holidays and winter weather can be a strain on your family and your budget. Snow can keep you cooped up and possibly stranded at home. Less money for the essentials and a slick, icy road can make this season a rough one.

But, have you ever considered making some of those essentials yourself?

A little do-it-yourself spirit goes a long way for saving yourself money and avoiding less than comfortable situations if you run out of a few must-haves. If you need more room to store your emergency kit or winter gear, a Cook storage shed provides the space you need for every season. Take a tour of our shed styles. 

Here are some DIY essentials to make this winter a little more comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Sheds

Dec 19, 2018 5:01:22 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Buying a Shed


Inside a Lofted Garage

Are you tired of looking for an empty spot in your house or garage to fit one more box of storage? It’s a common dilemma for many homeowners these days, but thankfully it has a simple and affordable fix.

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Winter Storage Guide: Cars and More!

Nov 28, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Winter, Holiday Organization, Shed Ideas


Storing Lawn Equipment for Winter

If you have nice things, you probably want to keep them out of the elements. That’s never more true than in the winter time. Cold temperatures and moisture can wreak havoc on every type of hardware, tool or toy you call your own. But, what’s the best way for keeping your stuff safe?

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Is Building Your Own Shed Worth It?

Nov 26, 2018 12:48:53 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Buying a Shed




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The Winter Prep Guide for Surviving the Cold

Nov 15, 2018 10:48:57 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Home Improvement, Storage Tips, Winter, Holiday Organization


Winter Backyard

Homeowners be warned: Jack Frost is rolling into town.

Sounds like the opening to a horror movie, right? That’s not too far off. Some are already seeing snow, cold winds and utility bills that would make Franz San Galli roll in his grave.

Before you start hunkering down for another snowpocalypse, take a few steps to shore up your home and, hopefully, your wallet:

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The (Lesser-Known) Essential Winter Emergency Checklist

Nov 15, 2018 10:40:56 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Home Improvement, Winter, Holiday Organization



If you’ve checked out our Winter Prep guide, you’re already ahead of the curve! But, of course, your property isn’t the only thing you have to look out for when the cold weather hits.

What about your home? Your family? Or your rumbling tummy when the power goes out and the food from your freezer spoils?

Winter preparedness guides are everywhere - in fact, Cook Portable Warehouses has it’s own Home Emergency Preparedness Guide right here - but we wanted to add a few extras. The items that keep you happy, as well as healthy and warm; the items that turn ‘surviving’ into ‘flourishing.’

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7 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

Oct 29, 2018 4:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Storage Tips


Family Cleaning out Garage

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Winter Prep Tips: Start With a Plan

Oct 18, 2018 11:57:52 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses posted in Storage Tips, Winter, Holiday Organization


Snow Shovel on a Fence Row

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