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Cook Portable Warehouses

What to Expect with Cook's Pre-Owned Portable Buildings

Aug 22, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses



When you purchase a Cook portable building you are purchasing quality and durability. One of the not-so-hidden secrets with Cook Portable Warehouses is that in purchasing pre-owned portable buildings you are still purchasing quality and durability.  

Cook Portable Warehouses come in various styles and can fit many different purposes.  If someone ends their rent to own agreement, their shed will return to the closest lot. But, is buying a pre-owned building going to be a smart purchase for your purpose and needs?

When you buy a pre-owned portable building, here are the things you can expect from Cook Portable Warehouses.  

 Pre-owned building maintenance

Inspections & Repairs

First, the driver who picks up the shed does a full inspection, evaluating any damage and sending photos to the home office for further evaluation. If the shed is in need of minor maintenance repairs it will be delivered to the nearest Cook lot where the Cook Mobile Maintenance Team will do any touch up repairs needed.

These repairs include repainting and fixing anything that is damaged or broken.

Occasionally Cook will need to return the building to the plant for more extensive repairs. This type of damage is usually due to customer alterations done previously to the building.

Cook still holds to the same standard of selling quality buildings, even if it has been pre-owned.


Warranty Coverage Continues

Each portable shed purchased from Cook has a lifetime warranty on all treated components. This means our buildings are made from the highest quality treated wood. This warranty is against structural damage caused by termites or fungal decay on all exposed wood components.

We also offer a 50 year siding manufacturer’s warranty and a 30 year shingle manufacturer’s warranty. And lastly, we offer a 5-year labor and materials warranty. You can find out more about all of our warranties here.


Same Quality at a Reduced Price

Who doesn’t like getting great quality at a great price? With Cook’s pre-owned program, you can have a shed delivered with as little as $200 down.

You are even eligible to use Cook’s rent-to-own program. This isn’t the same as a loan program. It’s the ability for you to have your shed while paying it off at a steady and affordable pace. There isn’t any interest as you are paying a portion to rent it and then the rest goes toward your end balance.

So, you’re purchasing the same lasting quality as a new Cook shed but at a reduced price.  


Some may believe the pre-owned sheds aren’t as top quality as a new Cook shed, but that’s just one of the many misconceptions people believe. Download our Myth v. Fact guide below to learn some of the other common misconceptions customers have believed.

Download Myth Vs Fact: Common Shed Misconceptions

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