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Top Shed Styles & Features [Infographic]

Jan 21, 2020 11:26:02 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses

We love helping families find more room for their stuff! Across our 14 state service area, our top three buildings sold in 2019 were the Lofted Barn, Utility Shed and our Tool Shed

Plus, we introduced 5 NEW shed styles. How did these new shed styles come about? Because we recognized different customer needs and began designing sheds to fit them. For instance, we serve a lot of customers who live in HOA communities or city neighborhoods. Their yards are smaller and their storage space is usually limited. So, the Slim Shed became the perfect solution. It looks like an extension to your home and is conveniently placed in your backyard. 

Below we review what our customers love from shed styles, sizes and custom options. Take a look and let us know when you’re ready to build your shed!



Are you ready to build your shed? Some of the following resources might help you in your decision: 

Let’s start building your storage or hobby shed. You can visit your local dealer, or one of our online sales facilitators will be glad to walk you through your options.  

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Topics: Buying a Shed, Storage Tips

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