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Top Home Office Organization Tips

Oct 20, 2014 11:30:00 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


It’s important with busy family lives and more flexible work schedules to have a space to work at home that is neat and tidy. The more clutter that piles up, the harder it is to be productive!

If you don’t have room for an office inside your house, a Cook Portable Warehouse can be easily converted into a home office. Then, you can have some peace and quiet but still be right outside in your backyard! Check out these 15 other inventive ways to use a Cook building!

Here are a couple tips from Cook to get your office space ready to use when you need to work from home, pay bills, check your email and anything else!

Go paperless, if possible

Go through the papers you have on top of your desk, in drawers and filing cabinets. First, recycle those things you don’t need and covert what you can into electronic versions. Date documents and files with labels, so after 1-2 years you can shred them.

Then, consider what you really need to have at your fingertips and what papers, folders, etc. can be put away neatly into shelves and drawers.

Your computer and other electronic files also need to be clean and organized occasionally. So once you have double checked that you have hard copies of important paperwork, take your computer in to have it checked and updated.

Be smart with space

Because your home office most likely won’t be one of the larger rooms in your home, use the space you have on tabletops and inside cabinets wisely. Shelf organizers are great places to keep books that you need, vertical file folders, paper and other things inside colorful bins.

Use bulletin boards, dry erase boards, magnetic strips and other vertical space to keep notes, to-do lists and other important scheduling reminders. Place these things right above your desk, so you never miss another appointment.

Reuse what you have

Repurpose a Rolodex as a place to keep all your passwords, login information or even recipes in one place! Use an adjustable desk organizer to keep your paperwork organized in different categories, such as mail to open, bills to pay, items to file, etc.

You can also paint and repurpose extra ice-cube trays for those small items that need to be kept close. Cover shoeboxes with pretty contact or scrapbook paper for an easy way to keep your stuff together on top of a desk or inside cabinets.

Eliminate temptation

More than any other room, it’s important to keep your home office free of distractions. Try to move things such as televisions, reading materials and games out into the living room or bedrooms. Then, you can get your work done quickly and get back to enjoying time with family and friends.

If you need additional space for all your family’s stuff, think about adding a Cook shed. Download our brochure to learn more about Cook!

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