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Top 3 Benefits of the Cook Rent to Own Program

Jul 1, 2014 12:30:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Do you think buying a high-quality building portable shed is out of your reach? Either you are concerned about the financial burden, a low credit score or are too overwhelmed with the prospect of moving and organizing your things?

Well, you’re in luck, Cook Portable Warehouses tailors its services for any need and any budget with the Rent to Own program. You can pay off your shed with low monthly payments and work toward eventually owning it! Here are the top perks of the Cook Rent to Own program.

Try Before you Buy

Purchasing a portable shed is a big decision for any family, so you have to consider space, fit and style. Take a warehouse for a test drive and see if it’s right for you! If you like it, great! If not, no worries, we will come and pick it up!

Consider your family’s needs and the convenience factor of having everything you need nearby. Total up the amount you spend monthly on rental fees, gasoline and time going back and forth to your storage unit to compare.

A refundable deposit is the only requirement to deliver the building of your choice and the program also includes a five-year warranty for any repairs.

Lessen the Financial Burden

With minimum monthly payments, you could add the cost easily into your existing family budget. And unlike a storage unit, that money can go toward eventually owning the unit and calling it your own! With a payment plan, you can see into the future without any surprise costs.

Because life can bring unexpected speed bumps, Cook provides flexibility for every customer. If you undergo an unexpected financial hardship, we will pick up the shed at no cost and your credit will not be affected. And if you go with Cook Portable Warehouses, you won’t have to worry about a credit check.


One of the major issues when selecting a storage unit, is matching the size of the shed to your needs. And your family’s growth and the amount of clutter can keep growing through the years.

When deciding on the size of your building, think about its purpose including what you plan to keep in it. Also consider your family’s future needs and where the warehouse will be placed on your property.

But if your shed fills up faster than you expected, think about the Trade Up program. Call us and we can upgrade your warehouse to a larger size anytime. You can use the money you have paid for your current building toward the new one. Talk about trading up!

Check out more reasons that the Cook Portable Warehouses Rent to Own program is right for you!

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