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Cook Portable Warehouses

Selecting the Right Cook Building for your Storage Needs

Feb 17, 2016 4:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


If you are in the market for a portable shed, one of the first steps is to decide what style building you are looking for. Consider the future purpose of the building and what size and features are on your list.

If you have selected to buy from Cook, first we want to say thanks for your business! And now, it’s time to select one of our building styles! Here is a little information about each one to help you choose the right fit for your storage needs!

The Barn

The Barn style is ideal for anyone with medium storage needs or who just wants a secure place to store their excess stuff. The Cook Barn comes in 8, 10 and 12 foot options to meet many different storage needs.

This traditional style looks great in any backyard and easily matches different outdoor decor. The Cook Barn is the perfect functional, low profile shed.

The Lofted Barn

The Cook Lofted Barn is the perfect shed for anyone who needs vertical space to store larger items. Depending on the size you choose, your shed can become the ultimate storage space or man/woman cave. The Cook Lofted Barn comes in 8, 10 and 12 foot buildings.

Our number one selling building provides plenty of overhead storage room and along with the Lofted Garage provides the most cubic space of our shed styles.

The Garage

The Garage is the most adaptable of our Cook building designs. It’s ideal for customers who need to store large possessions like cars, boats, ATVs and tractors.

The adaptability of this shed satisfies a variety of unique storage needs. The heavy duty floor ensures the shed can hold anything from large vehicles to many boxes of your stuff.

The Lofted Garage

The Lofted Garage offers the most cubic space, tied with the Lofted Barn, of our building styles. The heavy duty floor with 3/4” floor decking and floor joists 12” on center comes standard with this option.

These longer sidewalls offer copious headroom and the accessible loft space keeps the floor free for larger items like vehicles and equipment.

The Utility

The Cook Utility is the perfect storage building and is the most adaptable of our shed designs. The Utility comes in 8, 10 and 12 foot options and comes with a loft option to meet many different storage requirements.

Those tall sidewalls are ideal to hang taller shelving and the heavy duty floor holds up to any storage challenge. It’s also a great choice to convert into a hobby shop.

The Garden Shed

This attractive building offers a unique roof design that brings added weather protection. The Garden Shed is the perfect building for anyone who needs space for a hobby or just more room for their extra stuff.

The style is the perfect place to keep all your planting materials, gardening tools and equipment. It’s ideal for gardeners because shutters and a flower box are included with this style.

And Introducing our 2 New Building Styles!



The Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is best for those who like the design of our Utility building, but prefer a shorter sidewall height. With 6’3” sidewalls, this design is both economical and versatile.

It’s perfect for anyone with moderate storage needs and is a smart way to keep your tools organized. The Tool Shed comes in 8 and 10 foot options.

The Handyman

The Handyman provides enough room for anyone to convert this building into a work space. With two separate doors and a partition wall, you can use this adaptable shed for two different purposes.

It also comes with two workbenches, so this serious building is the place to get work done. Our 12 foot building options make the perfect studio or garage.

And for more information on purchasing a Cook shed, download our Free Buying Guide below!

Download your free guide!

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