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Portable Buildings Provide Additional Storage for Grade Schools and Universities

Apr 15, 2014 1:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Outdoor storage isn’t just for individuals. We recently wrote about the benefits of portable sheds for several different groups and organizations. Schools and universities may have, perhaps, the greatest need for additional storage.

As the population continues to grow, so too will attendance in schools. Constructing an addition onto these facilities isn’t always feasible. With classes in session approximately nine months out of the year, it can be difficult to arrange a good renovation period. Universities offering summer classes may see that finding the time is even more challenging.

Portable sheds provide the perfect solution for your additional storage needs. Here are several reasons why a school or university may choose to go with this route:

  • Lawn Care Equipment

One of the most obvious reasons for outdoor storage is having a place to hold lawn care supplies. It’s important to keep the grounds of your facility properly maintained and looking fresh. Portable sheds will allow you to conveniently store this equipment on-site while keeping students away from potentially dangerous tools.

  • Audio/Visual Equipment for Assemblies

Schools often have special assemblies for guest speakers, music programs, etc. Likewise, universities typically host several concerts and live events throughout the year. These events can require a lot of audio/visual and technical setup. Make the setup process easier by storing all necessary equipment in one easy-to-access location.

  • Recreational/Playground Equipment

For elementary schools in particular, the warmer months offer a great opportunity for kids to go outside and enjoy their gym class or recess time. Several activities are usually played at this time; kickball, jump rope, and basketball are just a few examples. Rather than taking up classroom space with this dirty, outdoor equipment, consider storing such items in a portable shed.

  • Filing Cabinets

With each school year comes a need for more and more paperwork. Where do you store all of these physical documents? You may find that keeping files in offices and classrooms can take up a lot of valuable space. Move those filing cabinets to an outside storage unit, and you’ll be amazed by how much extra space is created indoors!

  • Fundraiser Supplies

All schools, whether grade schools or universities, participate in annual fundraising activities. These may be car washes, bake sales, art shows, etc. Whatever the case, such activities require their own special setup.  Don’t let setup time take away from the most important element…fundraising!  Instead, keep pieces together and stored away in a portable building for future use.

We’re certain that your school or university could find several more ways to use a portable shed. Not sure which size shed is right for you? Download our free fitting guide below!

Download Free Fitting Guide!

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