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Four Reasons to Choose the Handyman Shed

May 22, 2018 12:01:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Inside of a Handyman Shed

Picking the right shed can be difficult. There are a lot of styles with many similarities. Differentiating them and finding the one that fits your specific needs can be difficult. We understand. That is why it’s important to point out the unique features of each different style.

Cook Portable Warehouses offers 8 versatile shed styles to better serve your wants and needs. Whether you need something small for your backyard or something bigger for the farm, Cook has the shed for you.

The Handyman Shed is one of our biggest sheds, and can be converted into just about anything. From a home office to a work area to a studio, The Handyman Shed from Cook is a place to get things done.

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These are five reasons the Handyman Shed is the right shed for you:

Multiple Sizes

All Handyman Sheds are 12-feet wide, but offer three styles that differ in length. The Handyman Shed size options include:

  • 12′ x 24′
  • 12′ x 28′
  • 12′ x 32′

The Handyman’s size and shape make it perfect for multipurpose spaces. You can even explore converting it into a home office, studio, theater or workshop!

Two Doors and A Partition Wall

The Handyman Shed has two doors and a partition wall, giving you two rooms. The small room measures 8 x 12 and the large room varies based on the size of your shed.

By having two rooms you can do even more with your Handyman shed. Think of the possibilities! With a Cook Handyman it’s almost like getting two sheds in one. One room can be for work and the other can be for recreation or extra storage.

Two Workbenches


The Handyman portable building comes with two built-in workbenches that sit under the two windows. Even though the style is called “The Handyman,” it can be used for any kind of “handyman” work. Whether you’re a crafter, a knitter, as artist, or a potter, you’re using your hands to create and, therefore, are a handyman. The two workbenches come ready for whatever work you need to accomplish.

Custom Options

The Handyman can be customized to fit your needs with four different custom options! Available custom options include:

  • A heavy duty floor

A heavy duty floor can be added to your shed. It is a ¾” floor decking and the floor joists 12” at the center.

The available window sizes include 24” x 36” standard window and an octagon window. (The window options are not available in all states. Speak to your Cook dealer about these options.)

  • A steel door

A steel door that measures 36″ x 80″ can only be added on the gable ends of the building.

  • Option to raise the loft floor

If you only need the loft space to store small items, you can reduce the space to provide you with more head room. The loft floor can be raised 6″ for an additional charge.

Handyman Shed In Yard


Important dimensions and specifications:

  • Peak of the building is approximately 11’5.5”
  • Interior sidewall height is 6’3”
  • Two 24” x 36” windows with shutters
  • 34” double doors with a 67” opening
  • Single 36” door with a 35” opening
  • Only available as a 12’ wide building measured eave to eave

The Handyman is unique in the fact that it can have either one room or two rooms, or both. The partition wall gives you that option. Not many sheds can do that. The Handyman Shed is great for everyone with its unique features. Get your Handyman Shed today!

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