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Cook Portable Warehouses

Cook Sheds Built to Weather the Storm

Oct 23, 2017 9:03:30 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses

Sheds After Hurricane Harvey

“I am attaching a picture of my two Cook portable buildings after a direct hit (in Aransas Pass, Tx.) by Hurricane Harvey. As you can see, basically all that is needed are new shingles. They were tied down across the runners on each end of both buildings...Thanks for two great buildings.”Phillip Z.


Everyone’s shed holds something different, but one thing remains the same: Whatever is inside, is valuable to the owner.

That’s why it’s essential to purchase a portable building that you know will last not only through time but through whatever storms it needs to weather as well. Cook Portable Warehouses knows the importance of constructing a quality shed for your belongings. Whether you are storing your business, your childhood memories or your latest hobby supplies, your Cook shed will stand the trials of time and weather.

We’ve had customers experience high wind damage and hurricane damage to their neighborhoods and still their shed remained. We wouldn’t be able to say this though if our customers weren’t living proof. Here's what they said about their Cook shed after the storm. 


“I have three months to go on a 10×16, I live in FL. Just went through Hurricane Irma and my Cook shed held up without a problem. Great shed.” - Greg L.


So what do we do differently that allows our customers to have such confidence in their
Cook shed?

  • Superior Roof: With trusses placed at 24” on the center and gusseted, this adds strength to the roof system to keep it from sagging from the weight of snow and ice.

  • Hurricane Ties: We offer hurricane ties for our southern states that endure the hurricane season. 
  • Built For Ground Contact: Cook uses the highest rated lumber for direct ground contact for the entire flooring system, including skids, floor joists and decking. With this treated lumber, a traditional foundation isn’t needed as it is rated for direct contact with the ground. So when those soggy yard days last for a while, you don’t have to worry about the condition of your shed.

If you want to learn more about the building features of a Cook shed, read more here! Remember when you’re buying a shed, you’re searching for something that will last long term. A Cook portable building is a great choice! We have other resources to help you keep your home and family safe in any storm! Here are some other great tips to prepare for whatever nature throws your way:

Why Choose Cook?

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