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Is Building Your Own Shed Worth It?

Nov 26, 2018 12:48:53 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses



When looking for storage options, the real question is to buy or to build.

For most, The answer comes down to cost, but that’s only one part of a bigger question. A more thorough look breaks down who should buy - or build - what type of shed and why.

Here are 7 factors to consider before making a decision between buying or building a shed:



Whether you’re building a shed from scratch or from a DIY kit, when your building is finally finished in all its glory, there is no denying the pride of getting your hands dirty and being able to say, “I built that!”


Doing anything by scratch can save money. After all, you’re often cutting out the cost of labor and you can better control material cost on your own. You may be surprised, though, how often costs begin to pile up when taking a construction project into your own hands- and even the pro’s know! For instance, many contractors call Cook Portable Warehouses asking us to deliver a shed instead of them building one. Hear from our customers!

Cook Utility Shed in Backyard


Of course when you’re starting any sort of big project, sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around every individual cost. Material cost is a given, but what about tools? If you haven’t already built your collection, such as a drill, a saw, a level, etc., you may end up spending a pretty penny piecing one together. Keep in mind how many different tools are necessary to make a more efficient and effective overall project.


Quality control is a powerful tool to make sure your shed stands taller and longer. For the layman, building a shed can be difficult. Building a shed that can stand the test of time is even more so. Without the project supervision and warranties that come with specialty construction companies, there is no way of knowing if your personal investment will last. Learn more about the materials we use to build our storage sheds.


“Time is money.” Benjamin Franklin was right on that one. The building process could take weeks to months. Besides that, creating a plan, a budget and researching how to actually make it work, can add days, weeks or months to your project, depending on how efficient you really are. Cook Portable Warehouses’ pre-made storage sheds, however, can be delivered directly to your home in as little as 7-10 working days.


Have you ever started a big, new project? Heck, if you’ve gotten this far in the article, you may already be feeling that prick of anxiety deep down in your stomach. Before starting a new construction project, be sure you have the time, energy and mental prep to complete it without a breakdown. Otherwise, the stress has a way at chipping down even the most dedicated homeowners, usually leading to a half-finished shed in your backyard for the foreseeable future.


Family together

With all the time spent in construction, maintaining relationships - whether it be with family or friends - can be a little more difficult with a big project hanging over your head. Make sure the extra time spent on your new shed doesn’t cut into your already established work-life balance.


Building anything with your hands is rewarding, but it isn’t an endeavor that should be taken lightly. If you do decide to purchase a pre-made shed, Cook Portable Warehouses will provide you with the best value for your money. Wondering what makes the best portable shed? Check out this article!

Ready to start building your shed today with Cook? Click below!

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