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Cook Portable Warehouses

Bring Back that Old Garage Band with your own Portable Warehouse

Mar 4, 2014 2:30:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Whether you’re ready to pursue your dreams of making it big or just want to jam out with friends, a portable shed can provide the perfect atmosphere for your music.

Garage bands aren’t just a thing of the past. Several of today’s well-known musical groups also came from such humble beginnings.

Maybe you’re not searching for fame and glory, though. You may just want a nice place to rock out, either alone or with friends. 

Whatever the case, a portable building could be just what you need! Here are 5 reasons why:

  • The Perfect Place to Gather

You want to get the gang back together and start where you left off. The only question is: Where?  Everyone has some excuse as to why you all can’t gather at his/her house. As a result, the interest slowly dies and nothing gets accomplished. Stop finding excuses, and find a solution! With a backyard shed, you always have the answer to this critical question.

  • Away from Distractions

Practicing in your home or garage leaves room for several distractions: kids running through the practice space, your spouse interrupting with “honey do” list tasks, and pets messing with the equipment. Keep those distractions at bay by performing in your private backyard refuge.

  • Save Your Family the Headaches

Likewise, there’s a chance that your in-house jams will annoy the family. Save them the headaches by taking your musical passion to a more secluded space. 

  • Decorate Your Shed

Now that you have this additional space dedicated to making music, you’ll want to make it look the part.  Hang up posters of your favorite bands and musical artists for inspiration. If you fully own your portable shed and aren’t under a rental agreement, feel free to take your building to the next level.  This post will show you how to add electricity, insulation, drywall, etc. to your shed!

  • Play Neighborhood Shows

Once you’ve had ample time to practice, it’s time to show off your skills. Set up your own private concert.  Invite neighbors and friends over for a night of grilling, partying, and live music!

It’s never too late to bring back those old rock ‘n’ roll days! Learn how to get your own Cook Portable Warehouse by downloading the free Buying Guide below. The process is fast and easy!

Download your free guide!

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