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5 Backyard Makeovers Trends for Summer

Jun 15, 2015 3:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


The warm, dry weather of summer makes it easy to enjoy your outdoor backyard anytime. So if your space needs to be renovated or just cleaned up a little, we have some helpful information on some of the biggest current trends in backyard makeovers.

And a perfect addition to your backyard in any season is a Cook building. If you need more space for your stuff or just want to expand your outdoor living space our sound, durable sheds are always the right answer!

Here are 5 ways to make your backyard space perfect for your personal needs!

Outdoor entertainment spot

Outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining remains a popular activity especially in the spring and summer. This can vary from small container gardens on a patio to large dinner parties according to the available outside space.

Of course, charcoal and propane grills remain the most common ways to cook outdoors. But other methods are also growing in popularity such as smokers, brick ovens, grill stones and fire pits.

So stock up on charcoal, wood chips, meat rubs, spices, sauces and grilling tools so you are ready to get cooking!

Tranquil sanctuary

What’s better than enjoying a relaxing night outside after a long and stressful day at work, school or at home? And it’s relatively easy to transform your backyard space into a relaxing oasis.

You can remodel your yard with in-ground water features, ornamental ponds, rock gardens, sculptures and some artistic decor.  But nothing says relaxation like comfortable outdoor seating. Portable hammocks, swings and table and chair sets are all great choices. You don’t have to buy all new stuff, just freshen up the look with bright colorful pillows or a fun new pattern for an outdoor rug.

Innovative gardening space

Gardening continues to evolve as the years go on. There are many new and more inventive ways to garden and keep plants alive through the harsh conditions of summer. Also, get kids involved in gardening early on with bright color pots and easy to grow flowers or herbs.

There is also a trend toward more personalization in the garden with colorful supplies or equipment branded to a favorite sports team. Or bring touches of your interior design or color scheme outside to tie everything together.

Nature inspired space

A big part of creating the backyard space of your dreams is not breaking the bank or breaking your back with hard jobs. Some trends are now gearing more toward sustainable, low maintenance projects.

For example, use drought tolerant plant materials and hardscape materials like composite woods and turf stabilizers for your landscaping needs. This includes the transition from a lawn or terrace into the pool area. Lighting options can also become more sustainable with LED fixtures and Tiki torches.

Play area for kids and pets

When planning and customizing your backyard space, don’t forget adding some fun for your kids and pets. Outdoor play and swing sets remain a popular and low cost option. Many playsets offer more than just the swing and slide combinations so your kids can get exactly what they want!

Another new trend for those of us who are cat lovers is the catio. Companies build these catio spaces (backyard enclosures) according to a variety of themes and trends. For more ways to use your Cook shed for your pets, read this post!

And see how you can tailor your very own Cook Portable Warehouse to your needs with our Build your Warehouse tool below!

Build Your Warehouse Tool

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