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Cook Portable Warehouses

3 Springtime Ways to Enjoy your Cook Shed

Apr 14, 2015 1:00:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


Spring is the season to enjoy the outdoors and your Cook shed can play a key role in your fun outside activities. Whatever your choice of springtime fun, use your portable building to hold your supplies or just make playing or entertaining outside easier and more stress-free!

In case you don’t know where to get started, here are some creative ideas from Cook of springtime uses for your shed. And before next winter hits again, check out our blog post with 4 creative winter ways to transform your Cook Portable Warehouse.

Not only are these ideas great to get your family and friends outside but it will help you save money by making entertaining at home simpler and keeping your stuff organized to help you avoid buying duplicates.

Place for fun

Spring is the time to shake off those winter blues, entertain friends that you haven’t seen in a while and just soak up being outdoors. A Cook warehouse is the perfect thing to optimize your outdoors space with additional seating or just storage space for those extra chairs, grill or tiki torches.

Make your shed into your own private pub or bar with some decorations, beer signs, cold drinks, tasty snacks and if you are really handy, a homemade bar. Then, invite friends over on a cool spring night to enjoy your very own pub.

Or if you prefer playing cards, invest (or build) a poker table, purchase some chips and a few decks of cards and invite some friends over for a fun night.

Place for any hobby

Whatever your hobby, your Cook shed is the perfect place to keep your gear safe and secure. If you’re a golfer, store your clubs, bag, golf balls, towels and other supplies so they are ready to play for any tee time! You can also invest in a practice swing kit and make your shed your own private driving range!

If you prefer to get close to the outdoors by hunting or fishing, store your guns, shells, poles, bait, tackle box, clothing and equipment by hanging on pegboards or keeping in labeled bins. Get everything ready the night before for that early morning hunting or fishing excursion.

Or if you are interested in knitting, sewing or quilting, you can turn your building into your own sewing studio. It’s the perfect, quiet place to repair holes, sew on buttons or knit springtime headbands or scarves. Keep all those small items like buttons and needles organized and easy to find in clear jars.

Place for a green thumb

This one might seem obvious because we do have a building style named the Garden Shed, but a Cook building is the perfect place for the person with the green thumb in your house! Keep plants, seedlings and pots on a bench or table and store stand-up tools in cut PVC pipes.

You can also turn your warehouse into a potting shed for the fertilizer, bags of soil and watering cans you don’t want dirtying up your home or garage. For more on how to organize your Garden Shed read this post for 9 creative storage ideas!

For more ways to transform your Cook shed into something new and different, download our free Building Conversation Guide below!

Click here to download our free guide!

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