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Cook Portable Warehouses

3 Kid Friendly Uses for Your Shed this Summer

May 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses

Summertime brings a lot more family time. With kids out of school and parents often taking time off to enjoy the warm weather and soak in quality time with loved ones.

Having kids at home is of course a great thing, but parents also need to make sure they have enough activities and entertainment through the summer months to keep them entertained. Cook Portable Warehouses can help! In fact, here are a few of our favorite ideas!

One option is to transform your backyard shed into the ideal place for your kids and their specific interests! Then they get their own space to play, read, garden, etc. conveniently right in the backyard.

If you haven’t invested in a backyard building yet, now is the time to consider the sound investment of a Cook shed. Not only can it become the ultimate kid’s playhouse, it can also be a secure place to keep your extra stuff, an extension of your home as a spare room, or a bonus space for entertaining.

Interested in learning more? Find the dealer closest to you and we will be in touch! And don’t miss these ideas of kid-friendly uses for your shed!


Kid’s Playhouse

Play Dress Up in Shed Playhouse

Turning your shed into a kid’s playhouse is the perfect solution if your kids have a million interests! You can turn the space into an art gallery, game room, crafting area, or really anything else. Shop the store or yard sales (now in full swing) for good deals on art supplies, DIY projects, and old school board games.

It can become your very own summer camp with different areas for creative ways to help your kids have fun and expand their minds! Here are 8 more ideas on how to turn your building into the ultimate kid’s playhouse!


Reading Library

Kids reading in shed reading library

Just because summer has begun doesn’t mean the learning has to be on hold! Convert your shed into a miniature schoolhouse with some simple bookshelves to hold old favorites and those new books from the summer reading list.

Add some comfortable chairs to create a reading area that kids will want to be in. Check local libraries for books to check out or take the fun outside by reading up on local plants and flowers and creating a scrapbook! Here are a couple more ways to create backyard adventures for your kids!


Place for Future Gardeners

Container Garden

On our blog this month, we have taken a closer look at the fun of container gardening! That means you kids can start gardening on a small scale before graduating to being your helper in the garden. Read more about how to make gardening a family event in this blog!

Our Garden Shed is the perfect building for gardeners of any size. Teach your kids about different species of plants, flowers, and herbs and show them the best ways to care for those things with the right soil, water, sunlight, and more.

Your Cook building can also be the solution to just storing all the extra kids toys and games if you are in need of more space! But, if you still aren’t sure you need a Cook shed, take our quiz!

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