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15 Creative Uses for Portable Warehouses

May 3, 2016 11:30:00 AM / by Cook Portable Warehouses

Think you have no use for a portable shed? You may be surprised!

These buildings serve a variety of purposes. Most people only see sheds as storage units.  Though they’re great for holding excess items and eliminating clutter, they can offer even more value for your busy life.


Here are 15 creative uses for portable warehouses: 

   Home Office

Having an office in a separate building removes some of the distractions present when working from home. Here are the first steps to get you started on your office shed! 

Creative Uses for Portable Warehouses + Cook Portable Warehouses


Tool Shed

A tool shed can be a wonderful place to neatly store and organize all of your various tools. Use tie organizers or plastic shoe organizers to give you easy access to your most used tools. 

Rich's Utility Shed


Take a look at the inside of Rich's shed. He's built shelving between the studs and added a pegboard to one portion of the wall for hanging tools.  It looks beautiful on the outside and is a practical workspace on the inside. 

Rich's inside of his tool shed


Or, take a look inside Jimmy's shed (below) where he's built custom shelving and a workbench. The important thing is to build a space that will fit your work needs. Think about how you work and the best flow for all of your tools and equipment. If you're building a workshop, then we recommend a Handyman, Utility Shed or Tool Shed


jimmy's workbench installed inside a cook shed


  Garden Shed

A portable shed near your garden can be used to store gardening materials and vegetables that you’ve recently harvested. 

Try adding a magnetic strip to your wall for hanging small metal items. Or add tall shelving to efficiently use your vertical space. Want more tips? Keep reading! 

Creative Use for Portable Building, Garden Shed + Cook Portable Warehouses


You could even take your gardening to a whole new level and turn your portable building into a green house! Here's how you can get started! 

Creative Use for Portable Warehouse, Greenhouse + Cook Portable Warehouses


Art Studio

Separate yourself from the rest of the world and let those creative juices flow! Use your portable warehouse to set up an art gallery or studio to proudly present your work to others.


Art Studio Entrance


Let's walk inside Shirley's art studio! She's completely finished off the inside of her 12’ x 16’ Cook Utility shed. 

Here are some of the additions she made to her shed: 

    • Windows (Cook does offer window placement, Shirley decided to add her own windows)

    • Painted Entrance Door 

    • Front porch with steps

    • Insulation

    • Electricity

Inside Shirley's Art Studio

You can see more of her art studio shed here! 


Start a Business

Calling all entrepreneurs! Did you know that William Harley and Arthur Davidson began building their signature Harley-Davidson motorcycles in a wooden shed? Don’t let a lack of commercial real estate stifle your dreams!

If you want to start your own business, here is what you need to know before you open up shop.

Creative Use For Portable Buildings, Start a Business + Cook Portable Warehouses


Hobby Center

Love music? Always starting a new craft project? You can convert your portable shed into a space reserved for these activities. Julie transformed her shed into a beautiful She Shed complete with space to do her craft projects. Check out her shed here. 

panoramic-shot-of-the-inside of the she shed and hobby space


Teaching Center

If you teach music, dance, language, or any other type of lessons from home, it’s ideal to have a dedicated classroom space. Transform your portable building into that space. Just be sure to follow your city or county's business ordinances. 

Creative Use for Portable Building, Teaching Center + Cook Portable Warehouses



Likewise, if you prefer to homeschool your children, it may be beneficial to remove yourself from the home and set up more of a classroom environment. Once your shed is paid off you can add a bathroom, insulation and electricity to set up the perfect learning environment for you and your children.  

Creative Use for Portable Warehouse: Homeschool + Cook Portable Warehouses



Set up a portable warehouse to serve as a play area for your children. This is a more modern take on the traditional tree house.

The kids can enjoy a makeshift stage, a craft corner and more in their very own playhouse! 

Creative Uses for Portable Shed, Playhouse + Cook Portable Warehouses


Game Room

Easily create your own arcade with the help of a professionally-built shed! The kids and adults will all love this! This could be equipped with vintage arcade games or comfy chairs, TV and the latest video game. Either way, the competition will be fierce but fun among friends! 

Creative Use for Portable Shed, Game Room + Cook Portable Warehouses


Man Cave or She Shed...Or Both

Occasionally, couples just need some time apart in order to fully appreciate one another.  But, for some couples it may be better to share your shed space. (It's actually one of our Pro-Husband tips!)

Think you can't ever share your space with your spouse? Here are three suggestions for making it work for BOTH of you!  

Creative Use for Portable Warehouses, She Shed, Man Cave + Cook Portable Warehouses


Pet House

Pets are often seen as family members, so don’t hesitate to give them the best. Sheds make excellent shelter for outdoor animals.

Creative Use for Portable Buildings, Pet House + Cook Portable Warehouses


Home Gym

Put all of your exercise equipment in a portable building to create your own personal gym! Make it your space, with the right equipment and messages to keep you motivated all year long.  

More ideas for making your portable shed into a home gym can be found here. 

Creative Use for Portable Warehouse, Home Gym + Cook Portable Warehouses


Pool House

Place a shed next to your swimming pool or hot tub. After swimming, kids and adults alike can use this room to change out of their wet clothes and into dry ones. Parents will love the lack of indoor puddles commonly tracked in by children!

Learn more about creating the perfect Pool House oasis for your family and friends!  Here's how Jared worked his portable shed into his poolside landscape:

Jared's Pool House


These examples prove we're only limited by our imagination.  Want more? Click here for other ideas or start building your dream portable building.

Our building styles have custom options like door placement, colors, windows, even flower boxes and shutters. Let's get started on building your blank canvas. Then, you'll have the right shed to fit any purpose. 


Find Your Blank Canvas

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