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Cook Portable Warehouses Blog

Cook Portable Warehouses Blog

Make Gardening a Family Event

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

May 10, 2017 10:30:00 AM

As your children grow and gain more independence you may feel like your family is growing apart. But, it doesn’t have to.  This is when you can begin working on changing your family dynamic.

So, how do you start opening up more dialogue and continue working as a family team? Gardening is a great way to do this! With a garden your family will be working together from Spring to Fall.  You’ll all be busy from planning, to harvesting, to the canning and freezing of your goods!

If you're just starting your garden here's a list of essential tools you may want to add to your shed.   

There are so many things you can talk about and learn while you’re working towards a successful garden.  You know your family, so sometimes it may be time to just work in silence, but there are some fun ways to make the time go by faster.

Make Gardening a Family Fun Event + Cook Portable Warehouses

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How to Stay Prepared During Tornado Season

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Mar 29, 2017 9:51:54 AM

Lightning & Severe Weather

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Free Camping Apps for Your Next Adventure

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Mar 23, 2017 12:37:14 PM

Free Camping Apps for your Next Adventure + Cook Portable WarehousesCamping is a fun activity for kids, families all the way to the most experienced outdoorsman. As you begin enjoying Spring weather, you may want to dig into your shed and get all of your camping supplies organized and cleaned off for another year!

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The Camping Trip Supply List of Things Easily Forgotten

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Mar 22, 2017 2:02:57 PM

camping ThinkstockPhotos-510069520.jpg

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Topics: Personal/Family Improvement, Summer Organization

Proper Ways to Store Your Bicycle and Equipment

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Feb 15, 2017 2:00:00 PM

A Cook shed can be used for a variety of purposes and with all the extra space you don’t have to choose just one.

With the right organizational techniques, you can store lawn equipment, as well as your favorite sporting goods.

One of those family friendly sports you can enjoy almost year-round is biking. There are many paved or even rustic trails you can find at your local or state parks close to home.

Biking is of course great exercise, but it also can be fun for the whole family!  Enjoy the outdoors, while picking up the speed a little.

If your family loves to bike, then having proper storage is essential to keeping your bike functional from season to season. Here's what you need to know about how to store your bicycle.  
Family Biking + Bicycle Storage Tips

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Top 10 Shed and Home Blogs of 2016

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Dec 20, 2016 9:13:27 AM

Whether you already own a Cook shed or are still searching, these are great resources!

Cook sheds require very little, if any, maintenance, but the possibilities are endless.  These 10 blogs were the most read Cook blogs of 2016! They’re focused on the uses of portable buildings, buying the right shed and general home storage tips.

Don’t miss our most popular shed and home blogs this year, check them out below:

A look back at the top 10 Cook Blogs of 2016 + Cook Portable Warehouse

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Topics: Storage Tips, Personal/Family Improvement, Shed Ideas

3 Life Lessons to Learn from Cook’s Top Dealer

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Oct 25, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Each day we face choices. Sometimes fun, sometimes devastating circumstances happen to us, but even in those circumstances there are still choices. What are you choosing today?

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Topics: Personal/Family Improvement, Dealer Spotlight

How to Camp in your Backyard this Fall

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Oct 20, 2016 11:56:18 AM

With crisp sweater weather and leaves falling, fall is the perfect season to go camping. Before winter gets into high gear, plan a trip either in your favorite state park or right in your backyard.

If your family is looking to have fun outside and save money for the upcoming holiday season, use your own backyard as your camping locale.

All that camping equipment from tents, to chairs, to grills, and more, can take up a lot of room in your garage. If you need a designated space for your camping supplies, sports equipment, and other larger recreational items, consider a Cook shed.

To find the perfect Cook Portable Warehouse for your family’s needs, read this post! And watch this video, to learn 4 essential space saving tips for your backyard building from Cook!

Use these ideas for games, food and other activities to have a home camping trip that your kids will remember through winter. And here are even more tips to make your camping adventure memorable.

How to Camp Right in your Backyard + Cook Portable Warehouses

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Four Inexpensive Summer Activities to End the Season Right

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Aug 30, 2016 3:48:58 PM

Summertime doesn’t last long enough for most of us. Between the warm weather, frequent vacations, and more laid back mindset, many of us wish it would stay a little longer.

But when the calendar turns to September, it means summer is officially coming to an end and fall is on the horizon. But the end of the season doesn’t mean the fun times have to come to an end.

It also doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to have fun with family and friends. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to celebrate the end of summer and keep your pocketbook full for back to school necessities and future holiday shopping.

Looking for more ways to enjoy time with family this summer? Read this post. And here are four of our favorite inexpensive summer activities for the end of the season!

Inexpensive Summer Activities + Cook Portable Warehouses

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3 Ideas to Get your Cook Shed Back to School Ready

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Aug 16, 2016 12:57:37 PM

Summer is winding down and that means the fun of vacations, sunny days spent outdoors with family and friends, and relaxing afternoons by the pool, are quickly coming to an end.

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