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Cook Portable Warehouses

How to Choose the Right Shed Size for your Needs

Dec 23, 2013 3:30:00 PM / by Cook Portable Warehouses


"How do I know what size shed I’ll need?"  This is one of the most common issues you may run into when buying a storage shed.

We wish there was some sort of magical equation for this question, but there isn’t. There are, however, 3 very important factors to consider when determining your ideal shed size.

  1. Purpose

How will you be using your portable warehouse? Will it serve as a hobby center, an office, or even a guest house? Maybe you need a shed for basic storage purposes. If so, what type of things will you be storing?  Will it be a small collection of garden tools or larger items like a lawnmower, an ATV, and a truck?

You’ll want to take an inventory of those possessions to be stored. Once you receive your shed, there’s a good chance you’ll find even more ways to fill it up. Therefore, we always recommend purchasing a building one size larger than what you think you’ll need.

  1. Future Growth

Then, it’s important to factor in the potential for future growth. As time goes on, you’ll begin to accumulate more things, thereby requiring additional storage space. If your portable shed is being used as a business location or hobby shop, consider the possibility of future expansion. Choosing a larger shed now could save you from having to buy more buildings later.

  1. Location

Where will this building be situated? Having enough space inside your shed is just as important as having enough space for your shed. What’s the point of purchasing a massive portable warehouse if you have nowhere to put it? To ensure that a shed can be delivered to your location, Cook Portable Warehouses offers free site checks. Learn more about this option here.


Once you have an idea of what size building you’ll need, the rest of the process is easy! Have fun browsing through our various shed styles and customizing one to fit your individual tastes!

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