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Cook Portable Warehouses Blog

Cook Portable Warehouses Blog

Everything you Need to Know about the Cook Delivery Process

Posted by Cook Portable Warehouses

Jan 28, 2016 3:00:00 PM


So you’ve purchased a Cook shed! Thanks so much for your business; we appreciate you trusting Cook with your portable building storage needs.

The next step is of course getting your fully assembled shed. Our typical delivery time is 7-10 business days from the purchase date. And we want to make sure every delivery is simple and hassle free for our customers!

To ensure you’re ready for your new Cook Portable Warehouse, here are some items to remember when preparing for delivery as well as more information about the entire process.

Prior to delivery consider and complete these items:

Clearance Requirements

A big component of making sure your Cook shed can be delivered is providing our drivers clear access to the location. This is important because we use one-ton trucks with 30-foot custom dropback trailers to deliver our buildings.

Our trucks must have at least 14-feet of height clearance. Also, there must be a width clearance of at least 2-feet wider than the specific building’s width. For example, if you purchase a 10-foot Cook Garden Shed, we would need a 12-foot width clearance. The same rule applies if the building needs to be brought through a gate.

Things to check for in the delivery path include overhanging trees/tree limbs, ditches, fences, overhead wires/power lines or overhanging eaves. It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to remove these obstacles before your warehouse can be delivered.

Local Regulations and Ordinances

It’s important to check with your local city, county or neighborhood association for any restrictions or regulation regarding storage building in yards, necessary permits or anchoring mechanisms. You don’t want to go through the process of getting and stocking up your shed if all your ducks aren’t in a row!

Additionally, if our drivers have to cross onto a neighbor’s property line, the owners are required to sign a release form beforehand.

Other Important Requirements

On the scheduled delivery date, whoever purchased the building has to be home. Our drivers will call the contact phone number to verify the specific delivery time. Please try to answer this call so we can proceed with an on-time delivery.

Also, the owner of the building must be present to accept delivery. Our delivery drivers will conduct a complete walk-through with every customer to ensure their complete satisfaction.


The Cook Delivery Process

Our professional in-house fleet of drivers make sure that every delivery is completed to our high standards and customers’ expectations.

Our drivers bring your new Cook building right to you and will put it in the spot you selected. Every part of your new shed is protected while in transit

First, the structure will be lowered onto the ground using our trucks and drop-back trailers.

Our drivers also utilize turf tires to prevent damage to your lawn

Cook’s advanced equipment allows our drivers to navigate your Cook shed to the perfect spot. Then, once it is placed on the ground, we will completely level the building, windows and doors. We will level it up to 6 inches. If your shed requires more than 6 inches of leveling, we recommend using 4-inch, solid concrete blocks.

Finally, we will discuss each building’s features and specifications with the customer and answer any questions.

Congratulations on your new Cook Portable Warehouse! To l earn more about all the things you can do with your Cook shed, download the free resource below!

Click here to download our free guide!

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